Men's over 50 Basketball

Men's over 50 Basketball

Each new member will go through a probationary period to ensure that his style of play does not create a danger to himself or others. If it is determined that a member would be better placed in a different program, his membership fee will not be refunded, unless he was recommended by a current member; in which case the current member will be responsible for any refund.

Any member, new or old, whose behavior is not in keeping with good sportsmanship will be required to leave the program, and will not receive a refund.

All new and returning members need to bring both a white shirt and a dark shirt to the gym. Middle-range colors such as light green, yellow, pink don't count as dark.

Our first-game policy seems to have been working well over the past few months. As a reminder to our returning players, and to keep our new members informed, here's the policy: In order to initially have balanced teams, for the first game on either court, if one team is deemed to be loaded, then players need to be divided up in a more equitable manner. If no one has objections to the teams as determined by the order in which players entered the gym, then the teams should remain intact. Team should also be broken up equitably for the last game of the day. Other than in the above mentioned instances, teams are to be determined by the order in which players enter the gym, and by foul shots. Players waiting on the sides always take precedence over players who come in after them. Players who are not formally registered are not allowed to play. Please do not interfere when I am dealing with individuals who are in the gym, but are not part of our program. If I need anyone's help, I'll ask.

Men's over 50 Basketball
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