Dates: April 20-21

Location: Bel Air High School; overflow will be Patterson Mill High School

Match times: Matches will start at 8am on Saturday and Sunday, and end at darkness. In the event a match cannot continue due to darkness, it will pick up the next day. Each player will be notified their estimated time to show up to play. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to match time in case a court is freed up early. Each player has 15 minutes to show up at their scheduled time, if they are not present it will be a forfeit, no exception.
Divisions: Boys/girls School age singles:

Boys/girls School age doubles:

Men/Women Singles – Ages,18-40, 41-55, 56-69, 70+

Men/Women Doubles – Ages, 18-49 & 50+

Awards: 1st and 2nd place for each division

Cost: Singles $45, Doubles $70 (per team ($35 each)

Officials: None. Tennis tournaments go off the honor system. However, in the event there is a dispute that cannot be settled, tournament organizers will intervene.

Format: Single game elimination, men’s and women’s singles and doubles (players can sign up for both). Each match will get a new can of tennis balls. A bracket will be setup and managed by tournament organizers. Players will play a best of 3 sets (3rd set being a 10pt tie breaker, win by 2). Winner is determined by winning 2 of 3 sets. Players will be allowed 15 minutes to warm up with their opponent. To determine who serves first, the organizers will flip a coin at time of the match. Each player is responsible for bringing their own supplies, to include water and food.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, organizers will try to reschedule or a partial refund/credit maybe given in the event the tournament cannot be rescheduled.

Tournament Organizer: Bryant Siegfried  ,