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Here you can find some frequently asked questions regarding registration, weight limits, League play, equipment, etc. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to contact the Program at

When does Registration start?

Returning player registration starts in mid-February and typically last two weeks. Registration for new players begins the beginning of March, and will remain open until each age group is full.

How much does registration cost?

Cost per player is $200. We do not offer a multiple player discount.

What is included in my registration fee?

Each registrant receives two new game jerseys, a pair of pad-in game pants, game socks, and the ability to borrow equipment. Practice jerseys, mouth pieces, girdles, and practice pants are not included in the registration fees.

Can I get a refund for my registration if my player decides they don't want to play?

Not unless the circumstances fall under our standard refund policy umbrella. Here is our stated refund policy that is described in each of our registration programs:

REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be issued unless the program is canceled, the participant moves out of state, or a serious injury prevents the player's participation, prior to the start date of the program.

How old must my player be to play football?

The minimum age requirement to play football for the Terps is 5 years old. The age determination date is August 1st.

What equipment is required to play?

Each player must have a helmet, shoulder pads, athletic shoes (cleats are not required, but are encouraged), tethered non-clear mouthpiece, and athletic girdle with protective cup.

What type of equipment does the Program provide?

Each family can rent a helmet and set of shoulder pads for each season. We require a postdated check of $250 that is collected during equipment handouts, and returned to each family at the conclusion of the season when the equipment has been returned. The program does not provide practice jerseys or practice pants. Both are available for purchase in our Merchandise Hut.

When is equipment handed out?

Typically we hand out equipment in June or July, before our Full Contact Camp in July.

When does the season start?

Player evaluations typically start on August 1st.

What are player evaluations?

Each age group will hold its own player evaluations starting on August 1st, and can take up to three days. We use multiple drills to evaluate a players' skill set, football ability, and football knowledge. Players will be placed on the appropriate team at the conclusion of evaluations.

How do I know which team my player will be on?

At the conclusion of evaluations, your Head Coach will call or email your family.

What League does the Program play in?

The Terps play in the Upper Chesapeake Youth Football League.

What is the difference between the Red, Gold, and White teams?

Each team color designates what level team it is and what League Division it plays in.

When will each player receive their game jerseys, pants, and socks?

Jerseys and socks will be handed out before the Week #1 of the regular season regardless of when the Program receives them. We need the time to accommodate sizing issues, mis-ships-ships, etc.

Will my player have the same number year after year?

Each player will keep their number year after year assuming that a returning player registers and pays before open registration. Once open registration starts, there is no guaranteeing of jersey numbers.

What is the Program's Inclement Weather Policy?

The Bel Air Terps operate under the guidelines of the Bel Air Recreation Committee, not Harford County Public Schools. When inclement weather is forecasted or happening and the Program needs to change, delay, or cancel a Program event, the Program will send an email out through our website, and through all Social Media outlets. It is to be assumed that if there hasn't been any communication from the Program, an event will take place as scheduled. In the event that lightening has been spotted at an event, the area will be cleared, and will be delayed until there has been an elapsed time of 30 minutes without lightening.

Are families required to volunteer at Practices and Games?

Yes. Each family is required to volunteer in the concession stand and/or merchandise stand throughout the season. This is covered in the Parents Code of Conduct that is digitally signed during player registration. Our Program is only as strong as it's volunteer base, and the Terps have the best volunteers in the State! We are always looking for managers to assist the Board of Directors. If you are interested, please contact us at

How can I get my child to be a paid volunteer in the concession stand?

A child volunteer must be 13 years or older to volunteer in the concession stand. Please contact the Concession Director to get signed up at

What is the Tackle to Tackle rule?

Each age group (up to 10U) has weight limits. A player that does not fall under the maximum weight listed on the UCYFL's weight chart, will be deemed T.T.T. (tackle to tackle). A player must be deemed TTT before Week #1's deadline per the UCYFL. Any player that is not designated TTT and has not made weight by Week #3, will be deemed ineligible for play and will be removed from their team's roster.

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