Kendo for ages 15 and above

Our Kendo teaches traditional Japanese style of fencing with a two-handed wooden sword, derived from the fighting methods of the ancient samurai (warrior class). The unification of Japan about 1600 removed most opportunities for actual sword combat, so the samurai turned swordsmanship into a means of cultivating discipline,patience, and skill for building character. Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art that uses bamboo swords (shinai) as well as protective armor (bōgu).

For more information, please email our instructor

This current fall session class will be held at McFaul Rec Center on Friday nights 6:30 to 8:30pm.
McFaul Rec is located at.
525 MacPhail Rd.
Bel Air MD 21014
Class Dates are:
September 15 through November 3