How do I get in touch with the program if I am interested in Blue Claws lacrosse club?

Please send an email to . Please include your child’s name, age, and grade level they are currently in at school. We respond to our emails within 24 hours.

How big is the commitment to play club lacrosse with the Blue Claws?

Blue Claws lacrosse does require a higher level of commitment compared to recreational lacrosse. We have found that it is better for the team to have a more committed player in season than a more talented player that is not fully committed. Players who cannot commit to lacrosse fully in the spring are encouraged to play recreational lacrosse.

During the spring sports season, lacrosse is the priority extracurricular activity for every player on the team. We define the spring season as beginning when traditional winter sports such as basketball and wrestling end and ending after end-of-season lacrosse tournaments in late June or early July. We encourage players to be a part of other sports and programs. In the fall, winter, and summer we encourage players to be fully committed to other sports and activities, which take priority over lacrosse when they are “in season”.

Please be mindful that our teams provide year-round opportunities to train and play as a team. Teams usually play in fall tournaments, which are important for determining appropriate placement in spring leagues. We do our best to accommodate players' in-season schedules, and always defer to in-season sports.

How many games, tournaments, and practices does the Blue Claws have?

You can expect an “in season” spring schedule to consist of 2 practices during the week and 2 games on the weekend. Teams may travel on game days to the Baltimore metro area and as far south as Howard County and Annapolis. Club teams play in at least 2 spring/summer tournaments, as well as a couple of fall tournaments. Practices in the fall and winter are typically once per week and commitment levels to practice may vary in the “off-season” depending if a player is involved in other sports.

When are tryouts held for the Blue Claws lacrosse club? Do the coaches keep players who made the team the prior year?

Tryouts are held once the spring season has ended, and summer tournaments are over. Typically, tryouts are held every summer at the end of July and beginning of August. All our teams are formed during this time span to prepare for fall tournaments and practices. Every player must try out every summer for their club team. No spots are held for previous players.

Who evaluates the players and forms the teams?

The coaches for a particular age group are responsible for evaluating and selecting players. Coaches across our club program often assist with these evaluations during tryouts. Players are evaluated not only for their skill, but athletic ability, attentiveness, being team-oriented and coachable.

How many players make the team and how many players are cut?

A typical roster size for a club team is in the range of 18-21 players. This will vary depending on age level. Some of our younger age groups have modified 8v8 format games, so they tend to carry less players initially. The number of players cut will always depend on how many players come to tryouts. The coaching staff of each age group will determine the needs of their club team prior to tryouts.

When are team selections made and when will I be notified if my player made the team?

Coaches will be making their selections for their club team immediately after the final tryout. Direct communication will be given to all players and their families regarding their status with the club program. Offers are made at the coach’s discretion.

What is the process of accepting an offer?

Parents will be notified by the coach and extended an offer. Offers are contingent and are finalized once the parent of a player acknowledges the offer in writing and submits a $200-300 deposit (depending on age group. Only the written acknowledgment and deposit can secure a spot on the team. Final dues will be collected in the fall as we prepare for the spring season. This will be communicated by each club coach. By accepting the offer, parents understand to commit to the team and its schedule.

How is playing time determined at the club level? Do all players get equal playing time?

Playing time is competitive and will vary throughout the season for each player. Coaches strive to give every player playing time based on their abilities and contributions to the team. Playing time is always at the discretion of the coaching staff.

What are the yearly fees for playing with the Blue Claws?

Yearly fees are typically in the range of $700-$900, which includes your initial deposit. We make our program cost-effective compared to other programs that charge up to $2500. All of our coaches are volunteers. The yearly dues help pay for tournaments, leagues, uniforms, advertising, and field rentals.

Can my player try out for an older age group if I feel they can make the team? Are they allowed to play up for an older Blue Claws team?

As a premier club program, Blue Claws does not allow players to be promoted and play out of their age group. While some players may be at the top of their age group, our focus is to make each of our club teams highly competitive within their leagues and tournaments. Top players will be coached to become stronger leaders, and as a result, the team becomes more talented and those players will progress to the top of their game. Any extenuating circumstances and requests will be presented to the board and a final decision will be made.

If my player does not make the team, what are the other options?

We encourage every player who does not make a club team to play within the Bel Air Boys Lacrosse Rec program for their age group. These teams are placed into leagues based on skill level and our coaches will help skill the player up and be ready for tryouts the following summer. We do not want players and their families to be dissuaded from coming back and trying out the following year for the Blue Claws.

At what age does the Blue Claws club team start?

We have Blue Claws teams beginning from second grade and ending after ninth grade. After the completion of Pee Wee lacrosse, a team of to-be second graders is formed in the summer. Tryouts for the second-grade team follow the same format and time as our other age groups. The second-grade team will play in a fall tournament and begin team practices in the fall and winter. The Pee Wee Age Group Commissioner will send communication to all second graders regarding the formation of this Blue Claws team.

What separates the Blue Claws from other club programs?

Blue Claws lacrosse club is a nonprofit club program. Our coaches are dedicated parents who donate their time and passion for the game as volunteers. This in turn keeps our fees much lower than other club programs. Our program is built on the foundation of serving our youth players and giving them the opportunity to be a part of the most elite leagues and tournaments in the country. As a Blue Claw, you are a part of a lacrosse family and represent the local community.