HarCo programs with club teams participate in the Greater Howard Club Lacrosse Conference (GHCLC) aka “HoCo”. HoCo is the premier youth club lacrosse league in the world and provides several divisions for each club age group, organized by high school graduation year.

The HarCo club season exists solely to provide HarCo member club teams supplemental games to the HoCo schedule. These games allow HarCo club teams to:

  • Play “home” games in our local venues.
  • Play teams they do not play in HoCo.

All games are played with the same rules and rosters as the team’s HoCo division. If there is a discrepancy in the rules by division, such as the use of a shot clock, the rules of the lower division are used for HarCo games.

In addition to playing other HarCo club teams, games against other outside club teams may be scheduled as HarCo club games.

There are no HarCo club playoffs or overall champions. Game schedules will not be balanced, but rather will be set only to meet the needs of the teams to supplement their schedules. HarCo Club games are not scrimmages. The games are “real” games, with published results.

HarCo Club is a pilot program for the 2031 age group for the Spring 2024 season. It may be expanded in future seasons.