New Gilman Goals are Coming to Tucker Field

Players and fans love Gilman lacrosse goals because of the distinctive “ping” heard when a shot stings the net just inside the pipes, but that is only part of the reason that Gilman goals are the best in lacrosse.

The new goals are much easier for our volunteers to set up and breakdown for winter storage, and the nets will not sag or stretch during the season. The innovative Gilman net is installed without having to tie the net to the frame. No stringing! The net is fastened to the frame by sliding 5 stainless steel rods through the vinyl border sleeves and into a series of rings. The rings are welded to the base frame and uprights.

From the first frigid Blue Claws practices on February evenings to the last Bulldogs Championship games on warm May weekends, our goals will look and play like new! Tucker Field is the premier outdoor youth lacrosse facility in Harford County, and the addition of our new custom-painted Gilman goals takes it up another level. We strive to maximize this resource and share it across the entire lacrosse program. See “Who uses Tucker Field?” in our FAQ for more information.

We are holding a fundraiser to select the color of the new goals. Vote with your donation for your favorite goal color!

In the world of lacrosse, blue isn't just a color; it's a symbol of elite prowess. Embodying the spirit of the premier club lacrosse program in Harford County, the Blue Claws, our choice of blue resonates with the very essence of excellence. Matching the bold strokes of the blue lacrosse lines on Tucker Field, we are eternally bound to our commitment to excellence, locking in our determination with every game played. Blue becomes more than just a hue; it becomes a statement, a proclamation that we're not here to merely participate but to dominate. It's the color that signifies our relentless pursuit of being the best, setting ourselves apart from the masses in a display of unwavering dedication. In the realm of lacrosse, blue isn't just a choice; it's a declaration of our commitment to greatness.

Red is the embodiment of fire, passion, and unyielding energy. It's not just a color; it's a rallying cry that echoes through the seasons of the Bulldogs, Blue Claws, and Terps – a shared hue that unites us under one set of stadium lights: This is our house! On Tucker Field, where the lines for girls' lacrosse are painted in the fiery shade of red serve as the outermost boundary of play, a profound sense of unity is soaked into every blade of synthetic grass, connecting us across programs, ages, and years. Red is more than a color; it's the visual representation of our collective strength, signaling to our opponents that we stand united, fueled by an unwavering determination to dominate on our turf. In our world, red is not just a choice; it's a declaration of our shared passion and commitment to triumph in our house!

Black is bold. Have you ever seen a black-on-black-on-black lacrosse goal? Didn’t think so. Aligning seamlessly with the formidable fence encircling Tucker Field, we're not just locked in; we're a force to be reckoned with. Once you step into our domain, there's no escaping the intensity that encapsulates an entire game. Black isn't just a choice; it's a statement. It's the visual representation of our unshakeable confidence and the valor that propels us to never give an inch. Get ready to witness the audacious energy of black—because on our turf, boldness isn't just embraced; it's celebrated. Welcome to a new era of lacrosse on Tucker Field where our bold confidence sets the tone!

Orange is tradition. Orange is the expected color of a lacrosse goal, allowing our play to command the spotlight without unnecessary distractions. Picture this: new Gilman goals adorned in the classic shade of orange, seamlessly blending into the narrative of our prowess on the field. We've chosen orange because, for us, tradition is not just a concept—it's a visual language that speaks volumes. Our goals, dressed in the timeless elegance of orange, stand as a symbol of our unwavering dedication to letting our performance speak louder than words. In a world filled with flashy distractions, orange remains our steadfast ally, ensuring that every goal scored is a masterpiece that speaks to the essence of our game. This is more than a color choice; it's a commitment to a tradition of excellence where the game takes center stage, allowing our play to do all the talking. Welcome to a new era where tradition meets triumph, and orange goals are the silent witness to our legacy on Tucker Field.

Bel Air Boys Lacrosse does not mandate that participants fundraise by selling raffle tickets, pizza, candles, etc. Although the bull roasts of the past have been fun, they also entail a lot of work and funding from our program volunteers and parents. Donations are an important source of income for our budget. Please realize that all of the proceeds go directly to the Program. We appreciate your consideration.

For more information on how donations are used, see our frequently asked questions