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Bel Air Parks & Rec 



Meets:             Coed Tuesdays.....Min. Intermediate w/Advanced Mixed

                        Coed Thursdays....Advanced levels of play only

                        Both nights are Year-round....7:00-10:00 PM

                        at McFaul Activity Center Gym


Chairperson:    Katrina Smith...pksmitty5@gmail.com

                       Please contact Trina for instructions first.


2017 Registration:       April of each year via www.belairrec.org

Fee:                             $30 year for 1 night

                                    $60 year for both nights...no pro-rates  

 Cancellations: Pre-designated holiday closings...announced usually via email

                                    When MD Snow Emergency Plan is in effect.


IMPORTANT!!!!  Level of Play Expected:  Both nights are designed for a MINIMUM of intermediate to advanced level players only.  It is geared toward players who consistently demonstrate STRONG v-ball skills WITH PRIOR PLAYING EXPERIENCE.  All players are expected to maintain control of the ball AND themselves, play positions correctly with safety in mind and have a positive team attitude on the court.

This program is not a beginner program, backyard style program or a teaching program.    Safety for all players is a priority.  If you are unable to play at this level at this time, please seek other P&R programs that may be more suitable to your personal level of play.


BARC General Play Guidelines:

•  Random 6 member teams with 1 rotator as necessary

•  Bump, set, spike play - Strive for three hits consistently

•  Middle front is setter, unless help is called

•  Middle rear plays back after serve

•  Players are responsible for calling carries, net, double hits and breaking net plane

             We play by the HONOR system, you do it, you call it.

•  Forced doubles are allowed on 1st hits, hard serves or spikes, blatant doubles must be called

•  Ceiling is playable unless ball crosses the net plane

•  Return of serve must be bumped, hit OR set cleanly (call carries/hands)

•  If there is a dispute, replays are the best policy

Remember!!!  Our goal is to achieve a consistent level of quality,

competitive ball.  But, most of all, have Fun!!!!